should be equipped with:
toilet paper
towel/paper towels

should not be:
completely disgusting
shared with an entire artist warehouse and be 100 yards away from your room

I should not have to:
tiptoe past your parents’ room to get to it


should have:
a bed that is not entirely covered in debris
sheets and pillow cases that have been washed in the last month
a garbage can that is not overflowing

should be:
not completely disgusting.

Living space in general:

should be:
not shared with your parents
not completely disgusting (i know, it’s hard to have both. you have to clean up after yourself instead of your mom doing it.)

should have:
at least 1 snack food available
a couple clean dishes to use during my stay. like, a glass for water at least?

Bonus points for:

car that is not filled with trash

You would be surprised, or maybe not surprised that much, how many dudes DO NOT HAVE these basics.