1. My friend’s mom tags me in mad posts about all the pies shes making

2. Whenever people have food they don’t want, they offer it to me knowing I will always take free food. People learn this fact about me very quickly- this happens even if I’ve only known the person for a couple days.

3. Any food left out somewhere, like the break room table at work– if it’s free, I will eat it. Regardless of how much I actually like it or how old it is.

4. I have to “kill things” like finishing the end of a bag of a snack or the rest of a condiment (and therefore I also have to kill everything that goes with it). It’s partly because don’t like leaving just a small amount, and partly an excuse to eat more.

5. A specific example of a food habit of mine:
One day, my boss told me we were having a lunch meeting, but I didn’t trust her to come through with the food, so I ate lunch first because the thought of sitting through a meeting without food frightened me. But then they did give me lunch, so I had a second lunch so as not to be rude, and because it was delicious.

6. My friends text me just to tell me what they’re eating.

7. One friend messaged me to tell me “Every time I eat I think about you. Is that weird?”