Readthisbitch: i know power corrupts
but i like to believe if i was given power, well i would at least be RATIONAL
you know?
not expect unrealistic things‬
‪listen to what my underlings told me‬
‪also i wouldn’t call them underlings to their faces. ‬

Dude:  Bah, you’d be power-mad in a week

R:  could happen
but i would TRY lol

D:  you’d have slave boys in leather thongs kneeling at your desk, serving your every whim

R:  i’d be like “bring me donuts! NO! THAT IS NOT ENOUGH DONUTS!”
(slaps thonged man ass)

D:  ‪Yeaaaaaaah… I should never be in power‬
I’d be a tyrannical powerhouse genius.
Pray I never get superpowers. I will ONLY use them for evil. And saving endangered species.

R:  hahahhaha
hey i support that!
poachers beware
you’re getting lasered.

The really evil ones will get the ass laser
The hot female ones will get the peen laser, or peeser. Wait, that sounds wrong.