Carolyn: lol

R: the captions are understated and awesome
“an alert bird on a muddy capybara” etc lol
“a tiny baby capybara sitting on another tiny baby capybara”

C: what are these animals
ive never seen or heard of them
and why do animals always sit on them

R: hahaha
capybaras are rodents
they’re the giantest rodents in the world
and they’re funny looking
and they like to go in the water
there’s your definition

C: boom.

R: as to why animals sit on them…
i have no idea

C: hahaha

R: it’s just one of the beautiful facts one learns from tumblr
probably cause they’re calm and comfy
and herbivorous

C: and bad at saying no

R: lmao

C: apparently

R: ahahahahaaa

C: like, that spider monkey is being so aggressive about it

R: lmao it’s a spider monkey that’s how they hang on!

C: it needs to calm down