Here are some facts that I learned and I want you to know:

When you move out of a house or apartment, know that the people cleaning up after you will be saying over and over “how did these people live like this?!” / you will find yourself repeating this when you’re moving into the new place.

The reason people leave their apartments so shitty is because when they got to THEIR new place, the last tenants had left it shitty and they realized how much they would need to clean it. “why should i clean my apartment for the next people, when i’m busy cleaning up some other asshole’s filth in my new place?” It’s a pay-it-forward chain of grossness.

If you’re ever driving and you encounter a uhaul truck, consider the fact that this is not like a regular truck, in that it’s not driven by someone with a commercial license. It’s driven by a regular-ass person who has NO IDEA what the fuck they are doing. Avoid them at all costs!
Just an example: We drove down the highway in our uhaul, completely clueless that we had left the back panel wide open with a couch and 3 shelves in there. We were like, why is everyone honking at us?