I love to collect quotes from other people. I think when someone says something brilliant it should be recorded and also posted for all to see. And if no one else is going to do that for my friends then I have to do it!

I have a whole collection of them somewhere that I’ll put up here at some point

Here’s just a few to start you off:

  • Trader Joe’s frozen tamales– they’re so good! I just gave some to my boyfriend to try and he described them, accurately, as follows:
    “they’re like little polenta purses of dankness”
  • boyfriend (to a guy setting up a screen and projectors onstage at a show): “are you the VJ?”*
    possible VJ: “are you asking me if I have a vagina?”
  • me:  “i lost my virginity to a dick in every sense of the word: a penis, a douchebag, and a person named richard, all in one.”
  • sister: “ugh, i’m so depressed. my life sucks”
    me: “awww… hey but look you’ve got this nice delicious plate of food in front of you!”
    sister: “yeah but soon enough that will be gone, and THEN where will i be?!”

*in case you don’t know, that stands for video jockey