Made the most delicious cosmopolitans last night to celebrate the successful election! My usual problem with cosmos is that they are too sickly sweet and you can taste the vodka– worst of both worlds. But this recipe fixes those problems.

It had:

1 shot of cheap vodka (smirnoff)

1 shot of raspberry liqueur (a dank local one from New Hampshire– but i’m sure you could use Chambord or some regular one)

1/2 shot of triplesec (accidentally typed triplesex…. should I have just left it?)

1 Decent Amount (i didn’t measure.  Maybe half a cup??) of straight up cranberry juice (unsweetened! no “juice cocktail”/cranberry-apple bullshit! just STRAIGHT cranberry juice. this is key. Like look at the ingredients and there should only be cranberry juice, and water if it’s from concentrate)

stir it up and enjoy! it is soury-tangy-just-sweet-enough-delicious-flavorful-awesomeness. and it gets you DRUNK!