Another gchat conversation with my Gentleman Caller.

For context:

  • My current alarm clock ring on my cellphone is “The Sign” by Ace of Base, so we hear it every morning at 7:35AM (and 3 more times after that because I never get up til I’ve used up all my snoozes).
  • At the beginning of the song, the girl sings something unintelligible that isn’t listed in any lyrics I’ve found, and Gentleman Caller insists that she’s saying “I’m gonna bone you!”

Gentleman Caller: im watching a programming video by a guy who sounds like the geico gecko so im imagining a friendly gecko is showing me how to use this application
Readthisbitch: aww how nice!
GC: also i watched the music video of ‘the sign’   o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O
GC: its like……. 5 wtfs per second
R: really lmao
GC: i dont know what i expected lol
R: did u find out what those lyrics are
GC: no
GC: but she says them with a steely conviction
R: lmao ok i have to watch this
GC: wear your shoulder pads lol

R: lmfao!
R: that is a steely conviction
R: i think shes just saying ohh ohh ohh yeahh
R: omg so much random making out?
GC: lmao i know
GC: it is also 190% 90s
R: hahaha
R: mushroom haircut 😦
GC:  D-:
GC: ahaha
R: dude check out 2:08
R: it’s so mushroomy i think i am tripping!
R: or possibly eating a portobello burger
GC: lmaoooooooooo
GC: oh god i know
GC: and isnt he in like a peasant blouse also?