• I drive about the same speed relative to the speed limit wherever I go: up to 10-over if the speed limit is 50 or under, and up to 15-over if the speed limit is 55 or more. Yet, when I drive in New England I’m the fastest person on the road. And when I drive in New York or New Jersey, I’m the slowest person on the road!
  • People who drive slowly in the left lane and refuse to move over when I’m behind them can really just go suck a dick. Especially if they trap me by driving the exact same speed as someone next to them in the right lane so I can’t pass either of them. Also, people who drive slow on one-lane roads: If I’m riding your ass, which I will if you’re going too slow for me, you should pull the fuck over and let me go. That’s what I do when someone tailgaits me. It’s the safest and most convenient solution.
  • Fuck pedestrians. Even when I am a pedestrian I am a “self-hating pedestrian” (my BF coined that expression). Like, if I’m walking and I need to cross the street, I try to wait until there are no cars coming, letting them all go by. My thinking is, it’s easier for me to wait half a second for a car to pass by than for them to brake and wait 15 seconds while I cross the road. Often times while I’m trying to wait and let cars go, some other asshole on their phone/ipod walks past me into the crosswalk so the cars have to wait anyway 😦
  • In downtowns and cities, pedestrians are especially entitled, but I feel like this is partially due to drivers who enable them! Look: the rule is “Yield to pedestrians IN CROSSWALK”… the rule is not “Yield to pedestrians on the sidewalk who look like they might want to cross the road at some point in the next 5 minutes!” If they’re not in the crosswalk yet, I’m not yielding and if the driver in front of me does so, I will honk my horn fo sho.
  • Bicyclists; oh boy. I don’t object to bicycles as a mode of transportation. I appreciate that they’re a great way to use less resources and also get exercise and fresh air. But the CULTURE of bicyclists drives me crazy. It’s become a fashion statement, which is just stupid.
  • The reason I have this resentment towards bicyclists is that a lot of them have really HYPOCRITICAL road etiquette. They’re like, “I’m just like a car, so I can take up a whole car lane by riding my bike on the road instead of the sidewalk”… oh but also… “I’m not really a car, so I can whizz through red lights and stop signs, and then probably get pompous and self righteous if someone hits me with her car because she assumes a green light means it’s her turn”… and “I’m not really a car, so I can cross the road diagonally in heavy traffic without really looking both ways first,” and, “I’m not really a car, so I don’t have to yield to pedestrians (IN the crosswalk)”… When I see bikers do this I like to yell out the window: “You’re endangering yourself and others!”
  • Bike lanes are the best way to fix this problem, but if they’re not available I think bicyclists should ride on the sidewalk if there is one: it’s easier for them to move over for pedestrians on the sidewalk than for me, a driver, to go around them while they take up mad space in the CAR lane (often having to wait for traffic on the opposing lane to pass, so there is enough space). When I ride a bike I go on the sidewalk and it’s never a problem.  A word to bicyclists: If you’re breaking a traffic law, and I mow you down, I’m not going to feel bad and I’m not going to get in legal trouble either. Just FYI. Watch yourself.
  • Oh, is this post inflammatory? That’s funny cause I totally don’t give a fuck! 😛